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Three species and one amazing eight-minute battle… Perhaps the most famous animal video on YouTube and the web is “Battle at Kruger”:

If you are not familiar with the video, it’s an action-packed fight between crocodiles, lions, and buffaloes at a South African watering hole — all captured on a tourist’s vacation video.

National Geographic has now put together a great program — Caught on Safari: Battle at Kruger — that deconstructs this incredible fight through the yes of wildlife experts. Be sure to look for repeated airings on the National Geographic Channel.

You might also be interested in reading a story (“You’ve Seen the YouTube Video; Now Try the Documentary“) in the New York Times that provides a backstory to the video and the special program. Key passages:

The documentary dissects the primal behavior of the animals and answers a question that aspiring videographers have asked: how did he get that shot?

The “battle” happened in September 2004, during Mr. Budzinski’s first visit to Africa, at the Kruger National Park in the northeastern corner of South Africa. Mr. Budzinski, who works as a supply manager for Chevron in Houston, was riding in the back of a sport utility vehicle with his wife, two other tourists and a tour guide. The guide, spotting lions sunning themselves by a watering hole near where a herd of buffalo was walking by, decided to see what would happen. Before long the lions attacked the herd, singling out a buffalo calf and overwhelming it by the water’s edge.


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