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A Blog Break

November 11, 2007

We have found ourselves busy fulfilling many holiday orders for our retail partners.

It’s time to take a brief blog break — but we’ll be back in 2008!


More Great Blog Reviews of Noah’s Palgs

September 29, 2007

We continue to receive great feedback from bloggers.

Sona Creidhe Reviews shared her thoughts in an “EduToy Review“:

“Each Noah’s Pal is beautifully sculpted to 1:24 scale and I would recommend them as both a child’s toy and an enthusiast’s collectible. One thing I noticed immediately about the animals was that they were way more detailed and sturdier than any plastic animals we’ve ever bought…”

And HomeMom3 said in “Noah’s Pals – Batteries Not Required“:

“These are handpainted animals that are perfect for collecting. Not only that but these animals will get your children to use their minds instead of pushing buttons, let your child actually get creative. That’s right, no batteries, no buttons, it’s all imagination.”

Thank you to Jo from Sona Creidhe Reviews and Eliza from HomeMom3 for the great reviews!

Noah’s Pals Makes Debut on QVC®!

September 21, 2007

Great news… We’ve been seeking great ways to introduce our product to the national market and we’ve been selected to be on QVC! Our appearance will be this upcoming Tuesday, September 25th between Midnight and 2AM ET. We hope you’ll watch and buy too! Our press release is below.


For Immediate Release

Award-Winning Noah’s Pals™ Toy Collection
Makes Debut on QVC®

September 21, 2007 — (New York) — Caboodle! Toys LLC Co-Founder Steve King is scheduled to appear on QVC between 12 and 2 AM (ET), on Tuesday, September 25 to unveil a special line of Noah’s Pals during the Countdown to Christmas broadcast.

Based on the classic Noah’s Ark story, Noah’s Pals are lovingly sculpted and beautifully painted pairs of collectible animal figures that are built to a 1:24 scale. As its debut appearance on QVC, Noah’s Pals will be unveiling 14 pairs of animals, including Camels, Chimpanzees, Cobras, Donkeys, Doves, Elephants, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Lions, Llamas, Nyalas, Ostriches, Tigers, and Zebras.

“We have built a toy collection with a strong attention to detail,” said Caboodle! Toys Co-Founder Janet Rosso. “Noah’s Pals have been meticulously designed to show the beauty of wildlife. Each animal pair comes with a colorful and collectible ID Card with educational information about the species.”

“We’re excited to introduce Noah’s Pals to a national audience,” adds King. “QVC is renowned for supporting entrepreneurs that bring high quality products to market, and we’re delighted to be a new QVC vendor.”

The Noah’s Pals set (QVC Item #T26533) will be available through QVC at 800-345-1515 or

# # #

About Caboodle! Toys LLC
Caboodle! Toys produces and distributes optimistic and educational series of collectible toys. Noah’s Pals is the premier collection from Caboodle! Toys and launched in February 2007 at the American International Toy Fair. The award-winning toy line has received accolades from iParenting Media, Parents’ Choice® Foundation, and The National Parenting Center.

For more information:

Another Great Noah’s Pals Review!

September 18, 2007

We just received a great review of Noah’s Pals from Eclectic Homeschool Online. Here’s an excerpt:

Oh how I remember envying my cousins their tiny horses, and how much I enjoyed playing with them when we visited in their home. I have a feeling that, if Noah’s Pals had been around back then, my cousins would have been envying me.

Noah’s Pals animals appeal to the collector in all of us. They are carefully sculpted to 1:24 scale and hand painted; the result, while it is a toy, is more than just a toy. The first thing I noticed, as I placed my small collection on my desk, was scale. This is where I think most homeschooling parents will find delight.

I have Noah, with Derek and Delilah (doves). I suggest buying these first, not only because this collection is based on Noah’s Ark, but so that your children can use Noah for a scale reference, comparing him to the animals they collect.

Thank you Tammy and EHO!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine says “Very cute!”

August 16, 2007

We just received a nice review of Noah’s Pals from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:

Meet Noah’s Pals, a new collection of toys from Caboodle! Toys. These hand-painted animal figures come in pairs (what else?), and of course there is Noah, doves, an ark, and 40 sets of animals, from the Aardvark to the Zebra, the Jackal, Kinkajou, Skunk, Muntjac, Ostrich, Snow Leopard, and many more. Each pair comes with an educational ID card and a unique serial code for collecting. The animals are all sculpted in proportion to one another, and encourage learning about animals and of course the story of Noah’s Ark. A neat “perk” too–if you collect the whole set, you earn rewards.

Very cute!

Thank you The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

Noah is Blushing! Favorite Quotes (Part 3 of 3)

August 3, 2007

We’ve shared great quotes from parent bloggers in the last two days.  The fun feedback continues with more glowing reviews of Noah’s Pals.

“When the package arrived, I think I was even more excited than Hayley was – but not for long because she nearly shrieked with happiness when she saw all the animals… I love that they’re fun to play with but also have an opportunity for education at the same time. Hayley was so interested in them that we ended up on the Internet, looking up more pictures of the animals she had gotten… They’re great quality, and the inner crafty geek in me is impressed that they’re all hand painted. And speaking of geek, I also LOVE the fact that there are unlimited pairs of the common animals, but a limited number of vulnerable animals and even fewer pairs of endangered animals, just like in the real world. The best part about these toys though is that I love playing with them too. It’s hard to get all excited over a whirling, spinning, music-playing battery-operated toy but it’s easy to get down on the floor and play with little animals. They’re fun for the kids, but they’re fun for me too!”

Chaos Theory

“A few weeks ago we had some new animal friends delivered… We have all been impressed with the detail work on the various animals. The sculpting and hand painting are eye catching, especially when one of Noah’s Pals is placed next to one of our hum drum dollar store animal friends. One thing that stood out to me is the dynamic website for the collection. You can track your collection there and you can also read about the various animals. Each informational page offers an educational blurb plus quick to find classification of endanger, vulnerable or common and where they are commonly found in the world… We have been having great fun and some giggles with our Pals. If you are looking for a home run children’s gift, Noah’s Pals is one to consider. I know it is only July, but my girls are already planning on asking Santa to slip a few Noah’s Pals in their stockings.”

Little Bird Reviews

“Noah’s Pals has created detailed scale sized toy animals for kids to learn about animals while collecting their own full ark menagerie. The animals are hand painted with exact detail but made of plastic so they are very durable and easy to carry in small hands. A few of the pieces were a bit small for really little ones (the doves and Noah’s staff) but the larger animals were large enough to not only use for fun but educate about the animals… Each animal comes with a card with details of its habitat, country of origin, and interesting facts. While ETot was happily lining up the animals creating fun scenes and battles, EBoy was enamored with having me read each and every card so he could absorb information about the animals.”

Ebony Mommy

“Noah’s Pals, developed by Caboodle! Toys LLC, are designed to not only be realistic but also educational. Personally, I was impressed with the quality of the animals. Each pair is individually hand-painted and created from sturdy PVC, and managed to withstand some pretty rough play from two boys. The detail is really amazing – one set that we received was the snow leopard, and they are just incredibly well done… They have barely gotten a rest at our house since the day they arrived, and have happily taken up residence along with the Power Rangers and Transformers.”

Builder Mama

“Noah’s Pals are a set of plastic animals that, as the name implies, come in sets of two and are designed to fit into an ark. They are of good quality, highly detailed, and I think they will be durable as my kids play with them over time… The thing that separates these animals from other toy animals or Noah’s ark sets is the collecting concept. Each Noah’s Pals set comes with a card that provides a bunch of different information about the animal such as its habitat, scientific names, sizes, and whether the animal is common, vulnerable, or endangered… Noah’s Pals are a fun way for your child to get involved in collecting in a meaningful way.”

The Fish Pond

Thank you again to The Parent Bloggers Network and our new Noah’s Pals friends that supplied wonderful reviews!

Noah is Blushing! Favorite Quotes (Part 2 of 3)

August 2, 2007

Yesterday we started off a three-part series of “favorite quotes” that we received from families that are a part of The Parent Bloggers Network. Here are more of our favorite quotes:

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Noah’s Pals!!! Not only did the kids go wild when they saw these animal pairs arrive in our mail box, but my oldest, the history buff LOVED all the information that came with each animal… These are hand painted, and tell you what the scale is. They are amazingly accurate… If you are looking for toys that will encourage creativity, these are for you!!”

Sarah’s Dandelions

“When the delivery came and we caught a glimpse of these wonderfully packaged hand painted animals (that come in pairs…hence the hint Noah) each couple in their own boxes, it was my oldest who indeed seemed most interested. Second to me that is… My favorite is the tiny and totally adorable Derek and Delilah Dove, Universal symbols of love and peace (you can’t take the hippie out of the girl). The dove pair came with an ID card (like very nifty membership card) as does each of the Noah’s Pals pair. The cards are full of educational info like the animals habitat, stats, scientific name, etc. My kids love that kind of thing.”

Mother May I

“I was really excited to receive the box of Noah’s Pals in the mail. From the first glance, these were amazing. The boxes had clear pictures of the animals inside, and the playing cards that came with them were an added bonus. When the boxes were open, I was blown away by the attention to detail. The scale was accurate – the monkeys were, indeed, much smaller than the camels, something that is often overlooked in other animal sets. One of the neat things about this set is the fact that it incorporates many of the lesser known animals, which gave us some really interesting conversations and led to research, which is always a nice bonus… My kids enjoyed spreading the animals around and setting up our playroom as a virtual globe, with the camels apart from the penguins… We’ve bought SO many toys and gotten rid of an equal amount, but this is one set that I can see passing down to future generations.”

Mom to the Screaming Masses

“I teach Sunday School on occasion and that song and the story of Noah’s Ark are one of the few things that I can go to at a moments notice… I grabbed Noah’s Pals along with the ark, animals and people from our Little People ark (they all played quite nicely together). A parent remarked how detailed they were and wanted to know more about them. One little girl in particular loved the cards that came with the animals and wanted to know where she could get some.”

Mama Maven Says

“These are not hastily put-together figurines. Rather, they are hand-painted 1:24 scale animals labeled with clever names, such as Zachary & Zoe Zebra, Mark & Michelle Mutjac, and Daniel and Divinity Donkey… But what my kids cared about wasn’t the specific scientific data or the philanthropic partner. They cared that they were getting cool animals that they could integrate into their everyday play… The animals themselves are still in fabulous condition, despite being active figurines in two busy boys’ magical and sometimes forceful play.”

Kari’s Couch

More quotes tomorrow!

Noah is Blushing! Favorite Quotes (Part 1 of 3)

August 1, 2007

We recently asked The Parent Bloggers Network to put us in touch with top parent bloggers so that we could share a sample of the Noah’s Pals collection. They received a huge response from bloggers and we supplied fifteen families with a selection of the animals. Over the course of nearly two weeks, we received great feedback on the toy line.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“Now, we’re pretty much connoisseurs when it comes to the plastic animal market. We have entire herds of animals over here, allowing my kids to create reenactments of massive migrations from one end of the living room to the other. So all of us were taken with the beautiful and detailed work on these animals… The eyelashes on the giraffes are just wonderful. Little details really make this a magical collection… My kids think these are the coolest animals.”

Three Kid Circus

“These are not your typical plastic animals. They are a heavy, durable plastic, hand-painted with beautifully realistic detail. Each set of animals comes with a card telling what continent they live on, what type of habitat, whether or not they are endangered, and gives their family name and species… To a 9 year old animal lover, the cards alone were a treasure trove of information… In an age of video games and on-demand cartoons, Noah’s Pals are truly a way to get back to basics. They are both educational and entertaining, and kept my 9 and 3 year olds entertained far longer than I would have thought possible.”

Suburban Oblivion

“Whether you believe the fantastical story of Noah’s ark or not, this collection of toys can provide parents the opportunity to educate their children about a legendary biblical story in a fun way. In my case, I did just that – that is, before my children absconded with the box containing Noah and some of his animals and proceeded to engage in imaginative play for at least an hour. Both of my kids loved everything about these little plastic animals, and they somehow felt legitimized by registering them online… I applaud the nice folks at Noah’s Pals for developing plastic toys of significance… Educational, meaningful, interesting plastic: now that’s my kind of toy.”

Ruthless in the Suburbs

“Sometimes I have this overwhelming urge to get rid of absolutely every toy my kids have and just start over from scratch. It drives me that all of their action figures have so many detachable parts that never seem to stay on more than a week. What my kids need is more high quality toys, like these amazing Noah’s Pals… They were designed to be sold to gift shops, retail stores, and zoos, so you will have to do some digging to find all of them. That’s part of the fun!”

Mom Reviews

“I’m impressed with the craftsmanship – the animals are all made out of durable plastic, and are carefully painted and molded… And judging by my 11-year old’s attachment to her pair of kangaroos, I’d say there’s no age maximum.”

Views From the Pants

More quotes tomorrow and Friday!

Noah’s Pals is a top pick by Mr. Dad!

June 15, 2007

In the last few weeks, Noah’s Pals has been honored by several great ratings and testing organizations. And now just in time for Father’s Day, we’ve been recognized by Mr. Dad as a winner of the 2007 Father’s Day Seal of Approval:

“The Noah’s Pals line of animal figures offers fathers a fun and informative way to learn and teach their hildren about the amazing world of animals—their habitats, ecosystems, as well as size and proportion. As ou can tell by the names, all of Noah’s Pals (not just the ones who received the Seal of Approval) are male-female
couples, so they can march into the Ark two-by-two.”

The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval honors products that support fathers and their families. We designed Noah’s Pals to be a collection for the entire family and we’re proud that we’re recognized for this notion. Thank you Mr. Dad!

UPDATE: Janet reminded me that we recently received great feedback from Richard, a father in Toronto. He writes:

“The toys are a great tool for developing my daughter’s knowledge of the world and interest in animals… I’m also glad to say that it gives us something we can both take interest in — I find myself looking up Nyalas and Muntjacs on the internet and I think I’m learning as much as she is!”

Thank you Richard!

Please feel free to share your comments with us too.

Impact Packaging

June 1, 2007

We were recently quoted in P-O-P Times, a journal focused on the best ideas in point-of-purchase promotions. Here’s an excerpt:

The negative space seemed like a positive idea to Caboodle! Toys LLC, New York, when it launched its Noah’s Pals line of built-to-scale pairs of animals out of the biblical Noah’s Ark story. Drawing from the minimalist look of iPod, the company used a simple color image of the product inside, says Steve King, co-founder.

“Each of our boxes contains two animals,” he says. “We have observed, in looking at other product packaging, that a lot of times there would be a lot of noise on the face of the product… We realized that to stand out, the more simplistic image might be better.”

The boxes convey the size of the animals and the tie to the Noah’s Ark story, King says. “We toured a lot of toy stores and took pictures and tried to get a sense of what would stand out… A lot of the other boxed packaging, the colors tended to interfere with one another, and the product itself tended not to stand out.”

We like the bold but simple look of the packaging and we hope you do too!

Noah’s Pals Packaging - Cattle