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Another Great Noah’s Pals Word Search!

September 13, 2007

It’s time to introduce another great Noah’s Pals Word Search!

The new Word Search puzzle includes great terms about wildlife conservation like diurnal and nocturnal.

Can you find all of the words?

Click on the link below to launch the PDF:

Noah’s Pals Word Search Puzzle


And remember, you can also download our first Word Search puzzle that contains all forty animals in the first series of Noah’s Pals:


Good luck!


Coloring Book

July 27, 2007

Perhaps the favorite free item on the Noah’s Pals website is our big and beautiful coloring book with 43 pages ready to color.

A young boy in Germany (his name is Noah!) discovered the coloring book and he was kind enough to share his great work:

Lion Coloring Page

Snake Coloring Page

Thank you Noah for sharing! The grass and the tree on the Lions page are great additions!

Click on the picture below to download your free Noah’s Pals coloring book:

Noah’s Pals Coloring Book

Keepsake Kit Covers for Collecting Cards

April 19, 2007

If you’ve already had a chance to buy Noah’s Pals animal figures, you’ll know that each male + female pair comes with an ID Card. The front of the card provides fun, educational information about the animal including its habitat, geography, and status in the wild (i.e., endangered, vulnerable, or common). The back of the ID Card has a unique ID Code that allows collectors to keep track of their collection. That ID Code also enables us to award our biggest fans with prizes and rewards.

When we attended the Toy Fair two months ago, we created a binder for holding all of the ID Cards. The binder was blank and needed front and back covers.  We decided to scan a pile of our cards.  Below are PDF files of those images — just download and print to create covers for your “Keepsake Kit”!

ID Card Front Cover

ID Card Back Cover

Download our Coloring Book

April 6, 2007

One of the most popular items on our Noah’s Pals website is our coloring book. It has a big file size at over 3MBs… But that’s okay as it has 43 pages to color!

Click on the picture below to download the PDF.

Noah’s Pals Coloring Book

An Amazing Printable

March 12, 2007

Derek + Delilah DOVE are looking for Noah and they need your help through the maze.

How fast can they make it?

Click on the picture below to launch a one-page PDF for easy printing:

Noah’s Pals Amazing Printable

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Toy Fair is over… It’s time to rest

February 15, 2007

Toy Fair is now over and it’s time for us to get some rest. Our throats our sore from many great conversations with retailers from all across the United States and the world. We’ll resume blogging soon with a closer look at endangered and vulnerable animals.

In the interim, you can tackle our Word Search puzzle containing all forty animals in the first series of Noah’s Pals. Click on the picture below to launch a one-page PDF for easy printing: