Noah’s Pals Fundraising

Please be sure to visit
the NOAH’S PALS website
today at!

Dear Fundraiser,

Our premier collection of forty male + female pairs of animal figures is quickly becoming popular with retailers and collectors. The Noah’s Pals Fundraising Program can help you raise money quickly for classroom trips, school equipment, and other needs.

We offer:
– FREE Brochures and Order Forms
– FREE Prepackaging per Seller
– FREE Shipping
– FREE Prize Program for Top Sellers
– No minimums, no maximums
– No start-up costs, collect your profit first

Most importantly, our program allows you to KEEP HALF OF EVERY DOLLAR SOLD.

This “two-of-a-kind” collection stands out from other fundraising programs. Noah’s Pals are built to a 1:24 scale to create a cohesive and distinctive collection that teaches children about size and proportion. All animal pairs are packaged with an educational ID Card to support collecting, categorizing, and learning. Caboodle! Toys also gives to the animal community by donating five percent of net profits to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The Noah’s Pals Fundraising Program keeps the process simple by working with you in 4 easy steps:
1. We send you order forms and marketing materials that you distribute to your fundraising team.
2. After the fundraising period is over, you send us copies of completed order forms.
3. In one shipment, we send you all of the products.
4. You distribute Noah’s Pals to customers.

You collect the payments up front and only pay us after the fundraising period is over. There’s no risk to you and you keep half of every dollar sold. We pay for shipping throughout the process too.

To learn more and sign up, please call us at 866-CABOODLE!

Best Regards,

Steve and Janet
Co-Founders of Caboodle! Toys LLC


Noah’s Pals Group Shot


2 Responses to “Noah’s Pals Fundraising”

  1. Emma Skinner Says:


    Could you tell me if you have a UK distributor for these animal figures and if I could get a catalogue with price list.

    Many thanks

    Emma Skinner

    Owner ‘Jumping Lemurs’

  2. isaac Says:


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